In Albuquerque, A Charter School that Recruits Drop-Outs?

Posted on Dec 14 , 2012 in Principal's Blog

Below is a link to a blog written by Anthony Cody, a member of the national faculty of the Buck Institute of Education who was on campus about a month ago with the rest of the national faculty team.

I was pleasantly surprised upon reading this becauseĀ  it does a thoughtful job of highlighting the middle space that we occupy in the education policy arena. I have been frustrated by the politics associated with school reform because it is so centered on power and ideology rather than the needs of young people. I think Anthony does a great job of highlighting the pragmatism of our school–there is a dropout problem that created a workforce development problem and we found a way to address both. He also points out that the dominant education policy framework can’t account of the innovation at ACE Leadership. To that end, I’m excited that we are working to shape the policy environment around us so that we can do the right thing on behalf of our community. I hope you have a few minutes to read his thoughts.

Anthony’s Eduction Week Article



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